Aferrix is a leader in the development and marketing of tools for the diagnosis and monitoring of toxic iron, iron overload in body fluids.

Aferrix has developed two methods that quantify different forms of potentially toxic iron in body fluids, which are not detected by conventional methods.   These methods rely on proprietary fluorescence-metal-sensor (FMS) technology.   The technology is CE marked.

Aferrix's technologies:

FeROS™ eLPI – for detection of non- transferrin bound iron (NTBI).

FeROS™ LPI – for the detection of labile plasma iron (LPI), a fraction of NTBI which is redox active and chelatable.  LPI can serve diagnostically as an early indicator for impending iron overload and/or toxicity in patients who receive IV iron supplements and/or chronic blood transfusions (e.g. chronic kidney disease-CKD-and thalassemia respectively). 

With the increased prescription of both oral and intravenous iron supplements, it will be essential to ascertain that adequate clinical benefits are safely attained by pharmaceutical formulations.  LPI can provide an initial measure of safety in two forms: in the iv formulation itself prior to infusion, and in plasma during and post infusion. 

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