Arrow Operations & Technologies

Arrow Operations and Technologies had developed a unique process for robotic pumping of Phosphoric acid sludge out of sludge lagoon and recycling the Phosphoric acid from it. Arrow's process is based on an "on site" facility that can be assembled in a short period of time. Therefore the main clients for our technologies are Phosphoric acids producing companies.

The main parts of the system are:

  • Robotic remote control pumping barge that enable safe pumping of the sludge   without damaging the lagoon's protecting polyethylene sheets.
  • Sludge dewatering and recycling facility.

The three main advantages of the process are:

  • Safe pumping of the sludge whale keeping the lagoon operational at all times and preventing ecological issues.
  • Recycling of high value Phosphoric acid.
  • Producing dry and stable and environmental friendly sludge ready for landfill or re-use.

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