Compost Or

Compost Or Ltd. specializes in planning, establishing and managing waste recycling factories around the world. The owners have more than 20 years of experience in this field and this enables the company to provide the customer with the highest standard of comprehensive professional service, from the initial planning stages, through the handling of authorizations, and up to the setup and ongoing operation of the transfer station, compost factory or waste site.The unique combination of knowledge, planning and operation of the highest standard all under one roof, provides Compost Or with extraordinary capabilities for handling projects in the field of solid waste in general and organic waste in particular. 

The compost manufactured by Compost Or is produced from sewage sludge and crushed quality plant trimmings using a controlled process which ensures the production of the highest level of compost for agriculture. The company owned compost factory is one of the largest in the world. The factory uses a completely automated mechanized process, without any manual intervention, and produces the compost under the full supervision of the factory manager and the company agronomist.