GASNGO is a developer/provider of innovative AVI-based products for fuel delivery and payments, and is the only comprehensive service provider focusing on AVI-based products, carrying out a full service chain, including installations, billing and clearing.

GASNGO systems employ cutting edge technology and products ensuring that fuel is dispensed to designated, authorized vehicles. Since its inception in 2005, GASNGO has been committed to developing innovative AVI systems, based on the most up-to-date passive RFID and wireless communication technologies. The company's developments have revolutionized the automatic vehicle identification industry as the first company to introduce the wireless technology, and ever since, has enabled thousands of stations and vehicles to enjoy a fast, simple and cost-effective service.

GASNGO solutions are deployed in sites around the world, including retail, commercial stations and home depots in the US, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and more. GASNGO has applied for over 10 patent registrations and its systems are fully certified to stringent quality and safety standards, including ISO 9200, ATEX, FCC, ROSS, UL and CE. 

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