Navigator Oil Recycling

Navigator Oil Recycling utilizes advanced hydro-treating technology to re-refine used oils back to base condition.

Used oils are petroleum-based or synthetic oils that are no longer useable as a result of pollution that causes the presence of impurities or loss of original properties. Used oils are extremely harmful to the environment when they seep into water and soil, as they are un-decomposable, while burning these oils is dangerous as it causes the emission of cancerous carcinogens into the atmosphere. In developed countries burning these oils is forbidden and instead they must be collected, recycled and re-used for the production of “new” oils.

Navigator Oil Recycling is specialized in collecting the used oils from dumpsites using customized tankers, and bringing these to the plants where they are processed and undergo the stages of recycling until they return to their original state and are ready to be reused. 

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