Step of Mind

Step of Mind, a cutting-edge company, teaches the brain to take the right step by developing technologies for improving walking, based on the implementation of Chaos Theory.

Re-Step™ focuses on training those with walking disabilities that may arise from brain-related illness and injury, such as Hemiparesis following stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Traumatic Brain Injury, and is also effective in preventing and training elderly fallers. The concept, founded on an in-depth understanding of neuroscience, is an implementation of chaos theory applied to training and coaching motor learning.

Walking in daily life in natural dynamic and changing surroundings, is an activity that is sometimes expected and sometimes carried out with unexpected changes. Training with the aid of RE-STEP tries to simulate the experience of walking in a natural environment by introducing the unexpected factor and the use of the ‘wildness’ induced by changes of the treading surface, along with the enablement of a number of steps with only very small changes in accord with the chaotic program. Such a program allows the motor centers of the central nervous system to accommodate and adjust the responses of the body and preserve the function of walking.

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