T.M.F. Feed Process Technology

TMF (Total Mixed Fermented Feed) originated and invented by Dr. Oh Kwang Kwon, a ruminant nutritionist in Korea, is one of most effective feed process technologies for ruminant animals.

The basic idea of  TMF  is to increase the digestible rate of  roughage feed  sources  in the rumen and  to use the waste of  food  industries and waste of vegetable sources and grains  as good feeds for ruminant animal feed  by using the technology  of  fermentation before feeding the animal.

 TMF is a different feed processing method from TMR (which farmers use only to mix the concentrate and roughage).

 In TMF we add one more process function to TMR with fermentation before the feeding of the ruminant animal.

 The most important function of the TMF process is to ferment the TMR feed before feeding the ruminant animal in the fermenting tank just like the rumen of an animal, so it will be easy to digest.

 We usually focus on the digestible rate of roughage rather than the concentrate because the concentrate is much easier to digest.

The purpose of TMF fermenting is to help digestion in the rumen, and to pasteurize the TMF in order to protect it from any harmful bacteria in the rumen.