Dan Raviv

President, Co-Founder

Prior to assuming the presidency of Navigator Ventures and serving as active Navigator representative, Mr. Raviv served for many years as Special Advisor to Las Vegas Sands and Sands China as head of global media, promoting Macau and Singapore around the globe, and overseeing a network of PR and production companies throughout Asia and Europe. Prior to Sands, Mr. Raviv served as Chief US correspondent and political correspondent of international TV stations in Washington and New York, covering the State Department, the Pentagon and the White House on a daily basis. Mr. Raviv is also the producer of dozens of documentaries broadcasted in the world's major TV stations, and bears very extensive international experience as an international correspondent for world TV stations such as the BBC Foreign Services and the UN TV. Mr. Raviv enjoys multi-level political and nonpolitical personal contacts with the Israeli political arena and with the most prominent business figures in the Israeli business arena.