Isaac Levy

Infrastructure Protection of North America

Isaac Levy B.S., M.B.A., completed his Master of Business degree in the field of Business with a double major in Finance and International business from New York University Stern school of Business in 1992. Thereafter he worked on Wall Street trading on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.  Following that, Isaac was active in M&A transactions in the field of Home Land Security. Currently Isaac serves as Chief Executive officer of the Safeguards Group of companies and also serves as the Chairman of ( I.D.S.)  Integrated Detection Systems. The Safeguards Group’s core competency is Homeland Security and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. Over his 12 year role as the CEO of the Safeguards Group, Isaac has overseen completion of 13 Nuclear facilities in the United states, 3 Nuclear facilities in Canada and over 148 Correctional facilities within the United States and 48 Hydro power plants in Canada.