Mooly (Shmuel) Eden

Director of New Technologies - U.S.A Desk

Mr. Eden is the former Senior Vice President at Intel Corporation. In this capacity, Mr. Eden was responsible for overseeing all of Intel’s Israeli operations and strategy. Recently, Mr. Eden has led the PC Client Group, Intel’s largest product group with over $35 billion annual revenues in 2011, where he oversaw the platform planning, architecture, enabling, and marketing of Intel`s PC solutions for the desktop and mobile computing segments. In his 30 years at Intel, Mr. Eden held many management and technical positions in microprocessor design, and was responsible for the development of Intel’s mobile PC microprocessors and chipsets. Mr. Eden is considered one of the leaders of the mobile PC revolution. In 2010, Mr. Eden was ranked 26th on The Fast Company`s list of the world`s 100 most creative people. In 2012, Mr. Eden was named one of the world`s 10 most brilliant technological minds on the Fortune 500 list. Prior to joining Intel in 1982, Mr. Eden was an engineer for Tadiran Communication, Ltd. Mr. Eden received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel in 1973 and a senior business management degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Mr. Eden also taught as an adjunct senior lecturer at the MBA program of the Technion Institute of Technology from 1999 – 2002.