Yaron Jakubowicz

Digital Media - Hong Kong Desk

Mr. Yaron Jakubowicz is an internationally known media executive and entrepreneur. He has served in many executive positions including CFO, COO, CEO and a board member of the global television network FashionTV. He was responsible for the channel’s IPO on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2010 as well as for the channel’s introduction to the American and Asian markets. Mr. Jakubowicz is deeply involved in all aspects of the television industry and has hands-on knowledge and high level contacts in the world of satellite and cable broadcast, channel distribution, content production and syndication, as well as advertising and event management. He is equally familiar with the people, operations and developments of the online world. As a lifestyle connoisseur with a marketing background, he is an active participant in the world of brand licensing and merchandising, where he collaborates with international brands and intellectual property owners such as Armani, Furla, Michael Schumacher, Real Madrid and the England FA. He also served as an Executive Director of Sands China Ltd. retail marketing (Venetian Macau). Thanks to his insight and vast contact network in both Asia and the West, Mr. Jakubowicz acts as a bridge in IP-intensive venture capital transactions. He is the founder of an online loyalty marketing startup, which is connected with Amazon.com. Mr. Jakubowicz holds an MSc from the London School of Economics, a BA from the University of Westminster and is due to receive an EMBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015.