About Navigator

A Commitment to Excellence in Everything We Do

Global. Connected. Resourceful.

These three words precisely describe the Navigator Ventures Group. These three traits define our approach to our customers, partners, and outlook on business opportunities around the world. We are passionate about what we do and strive for excellence in the quality and delivery of our services.

Founded by a former World Bank consultant and world-class executives, Navigator Ventures is an investment group that bridges between entrepreneurs and global ventures. Navigator Ventures turns opportunities around the world, in both the private and public sectors, into thriving businesses that bring innovation into their industries. Using deep ties with the NDRC and the NDRC-ICC, Navigator Ventures serves as a gateway into Chinese market, with countless opportunities in emerging industries. To learn more about the NDRC please click here.

We believe that our uniqueness lies in our leadership. Our team of experts, comprised of senior economists, international traders and engineers, provides the global proficiency with which we seize opportunities in countless industries around the world. Each member of Navigator Ventures management is an accomplished industry expert, bringing valuable expertise and innovation to the table.

Navigator Ventures offers added value to each of its clients by providing the means with which to navigate in different business circles worldwide. These include:


  • Industry insights  

We offer a profound understanding of your industry factoring in current and future trends, and parameters that impact your venture.

  • Strategic guidance

We analyze your financial goals using a comprehensive risk management approach. We provide a

360-degree financial package that includes the right financial mix and funding.

  • Innovative solutions 

 We design innovative, tailor-made management solutions that match your specific objectives, needs and circumstances. Though the parameters may differ from one venture to another and from region to region, our customers and partners benefit from our creativity, deep market understanding and well-established relationships that enable growth and new business prospects.


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A Partnership You Can Trust

Having established a solid reputation with governments and enterprises alike, Navigator Venture Group believes in establishing strong partnerships, based on an understanding of global trends and local markets. We minimize the risk and maximize the return on diverse and outstanding business opportunities, across sectors and markets.