The Navigator Ventures Group manages and executes state guaranteed infrastructure and construction projects in the areas of residential and industrial construction, roads, bridges, energy (both power plants and green energy), railways, ports, airports, water, sewage, desalination pipelines and systems, among others. These often take the form of complex barter projects involving the cooperation of governments in an exchange of infrastructure for raw materials or governmental concessions. Such barter projects are highly beneficial for both parties involved, yielding win-win scenarios that are cost effective, efficient and promote the local economy and workforce.   


We make such projects happen and manage them from end to end, ensuring seamless operations. Our proprietary Navigator Creative Financing® methodology enables financing a large part of the project costs to facilitate project establishment and operations.

Navigator Creative Financing® is the option of choice for project developers due to its clear-cut advantages:
  • This methodology maximizes the leveraging of a project
  • It eliminates or minimizes the lender’s recourse
  • It provides lenders a stand-alone estimation of the project
  • It reduces political challenges and risks that may affect the project