Navigator Ventures is an innovative Joint Venture and project management fund raising leader.

Our expertise expands to global technologies transfer, basing our business activity on the Navigator Creative Financing® methodology.

The Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly at 6% - 8% per annum, with a minimal inflation rate of under 1.5%. As such, China continues to lead as a favored market with real prospects of growth. Foreign investment is estimated at around $80 billion per year. Currently, China is in the middle of a strategic shift from manufacturing to innovating, introducing the concept of added value to their production. This wind of change enables the emergence of new technologies.

In response to the Chinese demand for technologies, Navigator is currently collaborating with the NDRC and NDRC-ICC in establishing a technology transfer platform. This vital collaboration enables the establishment of technology projects between top international players and Chinese corporations looking for state-of-the art technological solutions.

Navigator specializes in technology transfer in the following industries, with various projects in its portfolio: 
  • Water technologies
  • Energy saving
  • Advanced waste recycling technologies
  • Agritech
  • Homeland security
  • Meditech
  • Robotics
  • Entertainment technologies
  • Others