CureLight provides the medical device industry with the safest and most effective breakthrough therapeutic photo-medical solutions, based on the Company’s expertise in medical phototherapy and light-based technologies. All products are FDA cleared and backed by the strictest scientific studies.

CureLight offers the following photo-medical solutions:

Clear100XL - Only Clear100* Selective Photo Clearing (SPC*) technology achieves over 70% clearing of inflammatory lesions in up to one-third the time of traditional methods–and without side effects. Simple, rapid treatments - with no skin irritations or photosensitivity - means minimal downtime, an important consideration for active young adults.

iClearXL* is the most effective dual mode spectrally selective plasma light source for the phototherapy of Inflammatory Acne, acceleration of post surgery healing and the visible revitalization of aging skin.

MultiClear - FDA cleared targeted tunable multi wavelength selective phototherapy. High intensity Targeted Selective Photo Clearing is now offered in a single-station unit allowing the physician to apply the precise and appropriate phototherapeutic procedure following diagnosis.

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